poetry collections

Sundress Publications acquired Hannah V Warren’s debut full poetry manuscript Slaughterhouse for Old Wives’ Tales, which is slated for publication in Winter 2023.

Hannah V Warren’s Southern Gothic Corpse Machine is now available at Carrion Bloom Books! 15% of the sales of this physical run will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. When the physical run ends, you can contact the press for a free digital copy at carrionbloombooks (at) gmail dot com.

“The hallucinatory, gothic lyrics in Hannah V Warren’s Southern Gothic Corpse Machine revel in excess. In one poem, a woman tumbles from the skinned torso of a strung-up hare. In another, a speaker falls in love with the devil. By turns rebellious and perverse, grotesque and visionary, Warren’s book charts the often terrifying transformations of people, bodies, and places shifting within their mythic, blood-and-grit processes of becoming.”
– Anna Journey, author of The Judas Ear

[re]construction of the necromancer is available online with Sundress Publications!

“[re]construction of the necromancer is witchy and dangerous, a bildungsroman turned on its ear. Warren reinvents a Gretel who needs no Hansel, who grows strong and wild, more forest than monster, more witch than woman. With striking and enchanting precision, each poem transforms and then haunts the body, drawing us deeper into the woods to ask who is the real monster in the story.”
– Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, author of Hour of the Ox