selected publications

Forthcoming Poetry & Prose

“horrid fruit” & “You.” Southern Indiana Review

“weather submarine peach structure.” Gulf Coast

“Let Us Have Our Own Suffering.” Southeast Review

“Ode to Women’s Arms in SF Television.” Strange Horizons

“rendering fat” & “saltblood: contaminated zone.” The Pinch Journal

“a collection of old wives’ tales that live on your body” & “omission of the tongue.” Crazyhorse

“awaiting the evolution of a body melted to silver.” Sonora Review

“the bones on the museum floor behind the do not cross tape.” the minnesota review

Published Poetry & Prose

“Dear Monster.” THRUSH Poetry Journal (2021)

“the bone wars.” Fairy Tale Review (2021)

“an empty house in the forest” & “upon the realization that the earth has unfolded.” Sugar House Review (2021)

“lithomancy.” Cream City Review (2020)

“Cromniomancy.” Notre Dame Review (2020)

“Two Truths and a Lie.” Birdfeast (2020)

“the animatronic model has a broken metatarsal.” Passages North (2020)

“Slipping Between Dimensions & The World Ends.” Moon City Review (2020)

“Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve.” Mid-American Review (2020)

“honeysuckle, you don’t belong here” & “i thread scales into a blanket for my mother.” Gris-Gris (2020)

“Rearing Daughters to Survive.” Redivider Journal (2019)

“Divining the Future Through Autocannibalism” & “Blood Memory.” Grimoire Magazine (2019)

“Semi-Permanent Guidelines for Building Gretel.” Third Point Press (2019)

“A Guide for Transformational Bodies” & four other poems. Prism Review (2019)

“Forgetting the Color of Hansel’s Hair.” Third Wednesday (2019)

“on the day I told my mother I was leaving.” Briar Cliff Review (2019)

“Parallel Universes.” Room Magazine (2019)

“Redefining and Finding Structure for the Coffee Wife.” Longleaf Review (2018)

“Concurrent.”Whiskey Island (2018)

“Self-Tarot Reading // Prairie.” Bear Review (2018)

“Beautiful Mite.” Jersey Devil Press (2017)

“Tangled Roots.” 3Elements Review 14 (2017)

“The Woman to the Doctor.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2017)

“Firmly Grounded,.” These Fragile Lilacs: Women’s Voices Anthology (2017)

“Shelled Locusts.” Spirit’s Tincture (2017)

“Grey Goose and Grim Grins” & other poems. Jet Fuel Review (2016)

“Death Likes Her Whiskey Neat.” Soundings East (2016)

“Modern Witches.” The Nottingham Review (2016)