selected publications

Poetry & Prose

“Folk Horror.” Arkansas International (forthcoming)

“Rhythmic Chant” & “Manufactured by Machine.” Colorado Review (forthcoming)

“Strange women say I’ll change my mind” & “Monster of the Week: Piecemeal Appliqué.” Seneca Review (forthcoming)

“A Fleshiness, A Bleeding Tongue.” Pleiades (forthcoming)

“Ode to All the Dead Women Named Barbara.” Copper Nickel (2022)

“Crepe Myrtles & All Those Other Blooming Trees.” Phoebe (2022)

“Southern Gothic County Dispatch,” “The World,” “Every Octopus Is A Planet,” “Dear Girls,” & “Oceanography & Other Marital Bloodsports.” Action Books Blog. (2022)

weather submarine peach structure.” Gulf Coast (2022)

horrid fruit” & “You.” Southern Indiana Review (2021)

“Let Us Have Our Own Suffering.” Southeast Review (2021)

“rendering fat” & “saltblood: contaminated zone.” The Pinch Journal (2021)

“a collection of old wives’ tales that live on your body” & “omission of the tongue.” Crazyhorse (2021)

“Ode to Women’s Arms in SF Television.” Strange Horizons (2021)

“awaiting the evolution of a body melted to silver.” Sonora Review (2021)

“the bones on the museum floor behind the do not cross tape.” the minnesota review (2021)

“Dear Monster.” THRUSH Poetry Journal (2021)

“the bone wars.” Fairy Tale Review (2021)

“an empty house in the forest” & “upon the realization that the earth has unfolded.” Sugar House Review (2021)

“lithomancy.” Cream City Review (2020)

“Cromniomancy.” Notre Dame Review (2020)

“Two Truths and a Lie.” Birdfeast (2020)

“the animatronic model has a broken metatarsal.” Passages North (2020)

“Slipping Between Dimensions & The World Ends.” Moon City Review (2020)

“Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve.” Mid-American Review (2020)

“honeysuckle, you don’t belong here” & “i thread scales into a blanket for my mother.” Gris-Gris (2020)

“Rearing Daughters to Survive.” Redivider Journal (2019)

“Divining the Future Through Autocannibalism” & “Blood Memory.” Grimoire Magazine (2019)

“Semi-Permanent Guidelines for Building Gretel.” Third Point Press (2019)

“A Guide for Transformational Bodies” & four other poems. Prism Review (2019)

“Forgetting the Color of Hansel’s Hair.” Third Wednesday (2019)

“on the day I told my mother I was leaving.” Briar Cliff Review (2019)

“Parallel Universes.” Room Magazine (2019)

“Redefining and Finding Structure for the Coffee Wife.” Longleaf Review (2018)

“Concurrent.”Whiskey Island (2018)

“Self-Tarot Reading // Prairie.” Bear Review (2018)

“Beautiful Mite.” Jersey Devil Press (2017)

“Tangled Roots.” 3Elements Review 14 (2017)

“The Woman to the Doctor.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2017)

“Shelled Locusts.” Spirit’s Tincture (2017)


Navigating Fear, Crafting Counterpoints, and Generating Place: A Conversation with Anna Journey.The Georgia Review (2022)

Indigeneity in the Anthropocene: Ancestral Demon of a Grieving Bride by Sy Hoahwah. Transmotion: An Online Journal of Indigenous Studies (2021)

Interview: Erin Elizabeth Smith. Action Books (2021)

Interview: Catherine Pierce. Action Books (2020)

Review: Danger Days by Catherine Pierce. Action Books (2020)

Review: Sense Violence by Helena Boberg. Action Books (2020)

Review: Death Industrial Complex by Candice Wuehle. The Rumpus (2020)

Review: You & Me Forever by Valerie Hsiung. Action Books (2020)

Review: Good Bones by Maggie Smith. Pleiades (2017)

Peer Reviewed

Warren, Hannah V. “Monster Theory in the Composition Classroom.” Creatures in the Classroom: Teaching Environmental Creature Features, edited by Bridgitte Barclay and Christy Tidwell. (forthcoming)

Warren, Hannah V. “The Sin of Reproducing: Intersectional Marginalization in N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season.” Extrapolation 63.3. December 2022.